Policy & Guidelines

This section is still in review, please be patient!

Before the massage, please fill out the first page of the client intake form and on the second page sign and date only the client agreement! Dream By day does not accept Medical Payments at this time! Client Intake Form

Site Mannerisms

Be respectful to others on the site. Please refrain from vulgarity, profanity, or belittling! This is a professional atmosphere!

 Please sign and date to acknowledge this policy & bring to your session!   Dream By Day Client Interaction Policy

What clients can expect from me:

  1. My staff and I provide our clients with a competent and professional session through the means of the Tripod: Honesty, Awareness & Compassion.
  2. There is 24-hour messaging available at 702.917.5098.  Phone calls will be returned within 24-hours unless specified either on the web site http:www.DreamByDaySpa.com or on the answering machine.
  3. Dream By Day Spa is available for service Tuesday to Sundays from 8 am to 5:30 pm.  Out call service all day Monday or after 6 pm all other days by appointment only.
  4.    Every client will have their own personalized massage session concerning their specific goals. Either relaxation, orthopedic, rejuvenation or any combination!
  5. Dream By Day Charges  $35 per full hour for the specified sessions: Swedish Massage, Advanced Cranial Sacral Therapy, Acupressure Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Sports Massage,  Reflexology, Shiatsu, Table Top Yoga, Orthopedic Assessment, Russian Massage, Chakra Balancing.  Hot or Cold Stone Therapy available; $200 for a 90 minute massage, includes personalized oil.  An additional $20 per 30 minute session includes your choice of Hydrotherapy, Salt Scrubs, or a Body Butter Wrap.  Any out call service provided with any addition to the full service menu will not incur any other charges; otherwise a $1 per mile will be added to the full hour session.  If the client purchases only an add-on session, $2 per mile will be added to the session’s total price.  Clients who become repeat customers will have 1 (one) complimentary salt scrub per 4 (four) separate full hour sessions.  For clients consisting of 2 or more in one location of outcall service, with a $35 session and or with add-ons, the $1 per mile will be dropped.  IF ADD-ONS ARE ONLY APPOINTED THE $2 PER MILE STILL EXIST.
  6. Prices are very competitive for our services and provide a sliding fee scale with the first incident. Any other incidents thereafter, clients will be billed every Monday until the full amount is received.  Any missed payment will result into collections or be banned from the Spa for 1 (one) month.
  7. Payments are due at the time of service unless specified ahead of time only with an exception of a notarized promissory note.  Credit card information will be needed to reserve your time slot ($10), will then be deducted from the total service amount.  Reservation fee will not be refunded if cancelled but may be used for rescheduling.  We accept cash, business checks, and any major credit card or cashiers checks.  Any check returned will accumulate a 100% charge fee.
  8. My staff and I provide direct insurance billing through a respected, local company.  Any information will not be sold or transferred to any unknown companies,
  9. All appointments are confirmed the day before the session.  No fee will be charged if cancellation is done 48 hours prior to the appointment.  However, if the appointment is cancelled within a 24 hour period, the client will be charged ½ (half) their session price after tax.   If for any reason the client arrives late to their scheduled session, absent time will be deducted from their session.
  10. All Therapists are all trained and licensed to perform specific services noted above. We do not diagnose or prescribe any form of medication, but will refer any client to an appropriate Physician.  The staff also expands their knowledge multiple times a year with workshops of Holistic Therapy and Modalities.
  11. Privacy and confidentiality are maintained at all times, Dream By Day Spa respects all clients of their age, sexual orientation, national origin, gender, race, religion, socioeconomic status, body type, political affiliation, state of health, or personal habits.
  12. If any of the Therapists cancels on a client due to an emergency, another Therapist will replace the one appointed unless otherwise specified by the client. If the client specifically requests their original Therapist appointed, their reservation fee will be waived. The appointed Therapist then notifies the client within a 36 hour period for possible rescheduling.


  1. All equipment are cleaned and sanitized after every use. Sheets are replaced after every session and face rests disposed of after every client’s session.
  2. If a session is not satisfied in full by the client after a session and no other arrangements can be agreed upon, a 50% refund after taxes will be honored.
  3. Any items purchased (in sealable condition: lotions, candles, paraffin waxes, massage oils or creams) will be returnable with a 10% restocking fee within 5 days of purchase. Sale items are final.  Exchanges of merchandise are prohibited after client walks out the door therefore must be inspected by the client prior to purchase.
  4. Therapist drapes the client with a sheet or towel throughout the session. Only the area being worked on will be exposed at any time.


Dream By Day Spa client requirements

  1. Client must arrive 20 (twenty) minutes prior to the first initial session to fill in any health related questions or contraindications.  Session starts immediately following client and therapist interaction.
  2. Cancellations must be called in 48 hours prior to the reservations. If a client calls within a 24 hour time period, clients will be charged ½ (half) their session after tax.  Emergency cancellations granted upon verification and references.
  3. Reservation payment will be subtracted from the full session and additional service or retail price.
  4. Any out call appointment a client reserves and fails to be at the site of business after 10 (ten) minutes of the expected reservation time, client will be charged the full session price plus the $1 per mile travel fee if no other services were purchased with the full hour session.
  5. Personal and professional boundaries are expected from both client and Therapist at all times.  Sexual harassment will not be tolerated.  If the Therapist feels in any way violated in either out call or establishment, the session will end immediately.  Authorities will be notified and client will be asked to leave the premises.  Sessions are non sexual but are ethical and nurturing!
  6. Please be on top of your hygiene.  Be showered or bathed prior to the appointment.
  7. No heavy meals should be consumed 2 (two) hours prior the session or 90 (ninety) minutes after the session.  Drink plenty of water to help rid the toxins out of your body.
  8. Please make sure to do your homework and practice healthy habits!


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